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      If Catroid is exited, crashes, or is force closed, then the next time Catroid is started normally (i.e., not via intent with some project to be opened), the last position in the IDE (not the stage) is restored. E.g., if the user was editing a formula in a brick, then the same view on that formula is to be opened. If the user was editing a look, the same look shall be opened in Paintroid.

      The following states need to be considered:

      • Scene overview
      • Object overview in a scene
      • Script view (positioned approximately at the same place, but no additional state such as a variable selection needs to be remembered)
      • Formula editor
      • Data overview in formula editor
      • Look overview
      • Sound overview
      • Look editing (if CATROID-1436 was already implemented, then the look shall be opened with the auto saved instance of the look)
      • User defined script/reporter editor
      • If an "undo" situation was available, it shall be remembered.

      The following states do not need to be remembered:

      • Main page
      • Local project overview
      • WebView of share.
      • Settings screen
      • Scratch converter
      • any other views, e.g., the About screen etc.

      If necessary and meaningful, this ticket shall be divided up into several smaller tickets.

      If Catroid is exited and then started via intent on another project, the auto saved state shall be overwritten with one for the new project, i.e., there shall be only a single auto-save state.


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