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Visualize the color code in formulas



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      As a user, for colors in formulas, in addition of the plain string, like '#234F3B' or similar, I would like to see the actual color in the formula next to the string, both in the script view and in the formula editor. The color should be displayed at the end of the string, in the formula (i.e., inside the parameter field and before the closing single quotation mark at the end of the string), see the screenshot (this is from Slack, which does it exactly in this way, automatically).

      If a string of a valid format is present in the formula, the color should be automatically displayed next to it, even if the string was entered as a text, without using the color picker. The color should be displayed at the end of the text (= on its right side) as a square of that color, but before the single quotation mark of the string.

      A square should appear in the formula, and thus inside the parameter field, if the part of the formula is visible in the parameter field. It shall also be shown in the script view, if the part with the color square of the formula would be visible in the script view.

      Please make sure the spacing between the text and the new clickable color square is large enough. Please check: https://uxmovement.com/mobile/optimal-size-and-spacing-for-mobile-buttons/


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