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Show search results in complex parameter fields of bricks also in the formula editor



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      Extend the "Search" feature with additional steps when matches are found inside formulas, but only if the formula is more complex than just a plain value (more than a simple number, text, variables or list name).


      • If the search keyword is hello, and there is a "Say join( 'hello' , join( ' world and ' , "world" ) )" brick in a script, then as a first step show the "Say..." brick as a search result in the script view, as is the current behavior, before the implementation of the present ticket. Then, if the user taps on the button to show the next search result, enter the formula editor with the "Say..." brick, and in the first parameter field (there could be several parameter fields in the case of other bricks), show 'hello' in the formula as the selected part of the formula. Note that if the formula is longer than what fits on the screen in the edit parameter field, and the search result is at the end of the formula, the formula shall be shown focused on the keyword, i.e., be scrolled down. In the action bar at the top of the formula editor, show the buttons to jump to the previous and to the next search result. If the user taps on the "next" button again, the selected part of the formula shall jump to the "hello" variable in the second part of the formula. If that part again is not visible at that time on the screen, the screen shall be scrolled down to allow to see the selected area with the second occurrence of the keyword, etc.
      • If the search keyword is hello, and there is a simple "Say 'hello' " brick in a script, then show the "Say 'hello' " brick as a search result in the script view. Do not enter the formula editor next to show the string 'hello' in the formula editor, since the formula is just a simple text and the search keyword is already completely visible in the script view. Similar also if the formula consists of only a variable with the name "hello": Show the brick as a result, but do not go into the formula editor as the next search result.


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